Farming Disputes

Farming & Agricultural Disputes

Farming in today’s world is high pressure, challenging and time-consuming. You don’t need agricultural disputes to get in the way of your careful management of the farm and your business. Agricultural disputes can crop up unexpectedly in a myriad of places – supply contracts, machinery deals, contract farming arrangements, partnership or family re-organizations, farm tenancies, agronomy and crop failures, to name just a few.

If you can’t sort out the dispute yourself, you may think that litigation or arbitration is the only way forward, but you should consider mediation at an early stage. It’s a quick, effective way to negotiate a practical solution to most of the agricultural disputes you’re ever likely to face in the farming and growing environment.

Just a thought …

If lawyers on both sides have given their clients more than a 50% chance of winning in court, at least one of them is wrong.

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Our rural property mediators are experienced agricultural valuers and land agents with specialist knowledge of the kind of problems and disputes that can arise on farms, rural property and in rural business. We can help you find practical, workable solutions and assist you to preserve or rebuild family and business relationships for the future.… even for the most stubborn and long-standing of problems.

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