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Hugh Fell


Hugh grew up around the kitchen table of a well-known Lincolnshire farming family.  As the youngest of four sons, he went off to develop and grow a professional services partnership which specialised in the niche area of rural property and business.  Having had over 30 years’ managing people both within his own business and clients’ businesses, Hugh has a considerable depth of experience in finding successful solutions for seemingly intractable problems.  Hugh’s approach is to identify the challenge, the key issues surrounding that challenge, and then help everybody understand the options available to them.

Hugh is rigorous in avoiding the passing of an opinion in the mediation process.  However, he will at the appropriate time stress-test the opinion of the parties and help them move to a realistic position that will give rise to a robust and effective settlement.

Relevant Experience

Hugh’s experience is wide-ranging and he is normally appointed by word-of-mouth reference in relation to a broad-range of disputes:

  • Partnership dissolution or exit
  • Shareholder evaluation and exit
  • Transfer of assets down to the next generation
  • Trustees and beneficiaries
  • Option agreement interpretation and valuation
  • Family relationships
  • Commercial contracts
  • Landlord and tenant law

90% settlement rate.


Email: hughfell@rhfell.uk
Mobile: 07973 967994

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David Hooper


David has over 30 years’ experience in business and property consultancy, during which he has helped clients to deal with most of the difficulties likely to be encountered in property, business and the farming sector. Whether family disagreements, partnership problems, construction disputes or commercial conflicts, he has helped parties in dispute to find mutually beneficial or commercially workable solutions. He is an expert in negotiation skills and is able to help clients clarify and express their interests more effectively in the context of negotiations and in the forum of mediation. His clear, analytical approach helps him focus parties on the key issues in a dispute; he is an imaginative, lateral thinker, able to encourage the parties to look for new ways to settle their differences or restructure their business or personal relationships.
David now specialises in dispute resolution, combining mediation with arbitration and expert witness work.

Mediation Experience

David has been involved in a wide range of mediations, including disputes about:

  • Boundaries and rights of way
  • Drainage
  • Construction and building contracts
  • Landlord and tenant breach of terms, dilapidations
  • Agricultural tenancies: Rent Review; Case D and Case E Notices; dilapidations
  • Compulsory purchase and compensation
  • Single Farm Payments
  • Commercial contracts
  • Breach of contract
  • Wills and family disputes
  • Partnership disputes and dissolution


Email: david@davidhoopermediator.co.uk
Mobile: 07768 465740

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Tom McLaughlin


Tom is a Fellow of both the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and the Central Association of Agricultural Valuers (CAAV). He advises private and institutional clients on a diverse range of strategic rural asset management matters, undertakes valuations of rural properties of all types, oversees transactional and diversification and development work.

He is regularly involved in dispute resolution and is on the RICS panel of Accredited Mediators and the RICS register of Expert Witnesses. He has served on the following Boards and technical committees:

  • CAAV Property Committee, advising primarily on dispute resolution matters
  • Agricultural Law Association (ALA) national Council
  • ALA Inter-Professional Committee (chairman)

He is a published author on the subject of expert witness work and mediation.

Tom’s mediation practice focuses on rural property disputes, for which he is qualified to adpot either a facilitative or an evaluative approach as required, backed up by a technical understanding of the practical issues.

Mediation Experience

Mediator in a number of property related disputes, to include issues of:

  • Valuation,
  • Proprietary estoppel,
  • Boundary issues,
  • Rights of way,
  • Ownership and occupation,
  • Family break-up, and
  • Partnership dissolution.

90% settlement rate.

Has delivered external mediation training to:

  • Agricultural Law Association (ALA)
  • British Institute of Agricultural Consultants (BIAC) 
  • Central Association of Agricultural Valuers (CAAV)


Email: tommclaughlin1967@gmail.com   
Mobile: 07399 161528

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Our rural property mediators are experienced agricultural valuers and land agents with specialist knowledge of the kind of problems and disputes that can arise on farms, rural property and in rural business. We can help you find practical, workable solutions and assist you to preserve or rebuild family and business relationships for the future.… even for the most stubborn and long-standing of problems.

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