Rural Property Disputes

Rural Property Disputes

Boundary, right of way, drainage and other such rural property disputes appear to be on the increase. They are usually avoidable, but they happen, and when they do they can ruin lives. The Courts hate them and will give both parties short shrift, so they tend to be expensive for everyone – and frequently over something that has little or no intrinsic value.

If your land is taken for a statutory project (road, pipeline, cable, sewer) you will face the possibility of a dispute over appropriate compensation. You may face a rent review or lease renewal problem; or issues with a breach of tenancy terms, or dilapidations at the end of a lease. Problems can arise in the sale and purchase of rural property: disagreement over the interpretation of covenants; failure to complete; sadly the list is long.

People get sucked into rural property disputes, often before they realise what’s happened, and by then it can look like an insoluble problem; but mediation at the earliest possible stage can frequently help you find a practical solution to the problem, through a focus on the practical issues rather than arguing about who is right or wrong, or dwelling on the history of the dispute.

Just a thought …

Good negotiators try to find out what the other side wants.

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