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Our mediators will be happy to quote a fixed price for your mediation. Please get in touch to discuss this.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Travel and preparation time: these are included in the quoted rates for mediation.
  2. Travel or subsistence expenses: if these need to be recovered, an estimate will be given before the mediation.
  3. Room hire and catering: normally these will be agreed and paid for by the parties. If we are asked to provide such facilities the full costs will be shared by the parties equally.
  4. Payment: mediation fees are payable in full at least five working days before the date set for the mediation. Where the parties are represented by solicitors, the invoice will be sent to the solicitors, who will accept liability for fees and expenses. Any additional time-based fee will be issued and will become due for payment immediately after the mediation.
  5. Cancellation: if a mediation is cancelled at least five working days before the mediation date, the fees will be refunded in full.

Complaints Policy

In the event of a complaint please raise it with us first. If we are unable to resolve it you can refer it to the Civil Mediation Council’s Complaints Resolution Service

Just a thought …

Good negotiators try to find out what the other side wants.

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E-Mail: enquiries@3rpm.co.uk

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Our rural property mediators are experienced agricultural valuers and land agents with specialist knowledge of the kind of problems and disputes that can arise on farms, rural property and in rural business. We can help you find practical, workable solutions and assist you to preserve or rebuild family and business relationships for the future.… even for the most stubborn and long-standing of problems.

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