"Tom was very good at drawing out information and effectively challenged the client to really think about what was important. He effectively and constructively got the client to think around other aspects which had not been previously considered. The level of challenge was about right.  The way in which any evaluative assistance was given was very much done in a way to ask the client and myself to think about it and draw us to conclusions which was very effective with the client.  Tom was patient and insightful. I suspect that if we had not had him as our mediator the chance of us having reached a settlement may have been somewhat less. We can only express our gratitude to Tom for his assistance in achieving this because without him we really do not believe that we would have reached a settlement in this matter."

- solicitor, farm occupancy and ownership dispute, October 2020

"Tom was considered and knowledgable. Would use again and recommend."

- solicitor, agricultural tenancy dispute, September 2020

"David was excellent and without his input I doubt we would have been able to settle matters. I would most certainly recommend him."

- solicitor, boundary dispute, May 2019

"David's calm, friendly and patient approach was invaluable in facilitating the settlement.... David's mediation tactics and experience showed when he brought the parties together at an appropriate time in the mediation, leading to a real breakthrough and, ultimately, a deal being struck."

- solicitor, proprietary estoppel claim, April 2019

“Tom adopted a sensible and commercial approach. He was able to get the parties to focus on the nub of the dispute rather than getting distracted by other issues. Settlement followed shortly afterwards. I would certainly recommend Steven as a mediator."

Solicitor, partnership dispute, January 2019

"David was excellent... He explained matters very carefully to the clients and we did manage to settle. I would certainly use David again."

- solicitor, misrepresentation dispute, January 2019

"David's approach was sensible, measured and pragmatic and it was clear he was able to read the respective intentions/priorities of the parties from an early stage...which led to a smoother, more straightforward mediation thereafter."

- solicitor, TOLATA dispute, October 2018

"David was brilliant. It was a tough negotiation and both parties needed some serious reality testing which David did very tactfully....David showed a genuine interest in getting the parties to settle their dispute."

- solicitor, residential property dispute, July 2018

"David is an excellent mediator. It was a half day mediation but it did not feel rushed. David was well prepared and I would not hesitate to use him again."

- solicitor, dilapidations dispute, March 2018

"David's approach was excellent in terms of both facilitating a settlement of the case and putting our client at ease."

-solicitor, will dispute, February 2018

"David was well prepared; he understood all the relevant facts; he proposed a number of creative and helpful solutions. Impressive."

-solicitor, restrictive covenant dispute, February 2018

"Mr Hooper was extremely helpful in achieving a resolution, especially when the goalposts kept moving! His perseverance was greatly appreciated".

-solicitor, will dispute, January 2018

"Thank you Tom for finally bringing this very thorny project to fruition with all of your hard work and intuition".

client, December 2017

“Many thanks for your help in the mediation. We were very impressed with how it worked and look forward to the imminent conclusion from that day”.

client, November 2017

"David Hooper is first class. He has just the sort of intelligent, approachable style that is vital in mediation. Have used David before, and would not hesitate to use him again or recommend him to others."

- solicitor, boundary dispute, October 2017

"Excellent... It was clear David had read the relevant papers and had a good grasp of the issues. David was diplomatic, with an air of authority and a good grasp of the evolution of the discussions that led to a successful outcome."

- solicitor, right of way dispute, September 2017

"David is a consistently excellent mediator...very quickly developed an understanding of the case and more importantly the parties' objectives...our client commented that from the beginning of the day he felt confident in David's ability".

- solicitor, partnership dispute July 2017

"David has a very easy manner with the clients and was able to gain their trust very quickly. He was on top of the detail...He encouraged practical solutions....I would certainly use him again."

-solicitor, will dispute, May 2017

I thought Tom’s knowledge and experience of agricultural valuations played an important role in the outcome and gave confidence to my clients... Very good preparation... A very good mediator.

Barrister, April 2017

"I found David to be well prepared, helpful, knowledgeable and excellent at client interaction where no love lost between parties and emotions running high."

- solicitor, boundary dispute, May 2017

David Hooper was prepared, alive to the pertinent issues in dispute and picked up points very quickly. Mr Hooper was also very good at focusing the parties' minds on the task at hand...and the time constraints that the parties were under....I would have no hesitation in appointing Mr Hooper as a mediator again in the future.

-solicitor, commercial contract dispute, April 2017

"Mr Hooper was professional, friendly and approachable and made all parties feel at ease very quickly. He was appropriately sensitive to special needs and I was impressed with the level of his preparation. He was prepared for a result and focused the parties' minds on achieving a result."

- solicitor, October 2016

"[We] were very pleased this dispute settled and we hadn't expected it would...[We] would have no hesitation in recommending Mr. Hooper to our clients as a mediator".

Solicitor, dilapidations dispute, September 2016

"Excellent mediation. I can not speak more highly of the way that the mediation was handled which led to a very sensible settlement."

- solicitor, August 2016

"Hugh impressed our clients by approaching the mediation in a very pragmatic way, trying to look at the problem from different angles. He really added value and was approachable, sympathetic and understanding. He did not beat around the bush and was very hands on in pushing the mediation to a successful conclusion. As a consequence he would always be my preferred choice for a mediator."

Lawyer, August 2016

"Hugh Fell's mediations are driven. Hugh wants the parties to find a solution. As a consequence, the parties share that desire to want to find a solution. They usually do. I would unequivocally recommend Hugh for the role of mediator in any dispute."

Property lawyer,July 2016

"We were...greatly impressed with David's skills as a mediator. His unflappability...was nothing short of masterful!  And he did an excellent job of advising and guiding us, and keeping us focused."

Party, right of way dispute, June 2016

"Thank you for your valiant efforts. My clients were very impressed by you."

Solicitor, dilapidations dispute, May 2016

"I was very pleased with the mediation and the way you handled it."

Solicitor, right of way dispute, February 2016

"Please pass on my thanks to Hugh for his work in the mediation, which I thought was excellently handled."

Lawyer, January 2016

"David Hooper was excellent. I would certainly recommend him.... He was well prepared, very patient and considered, respectful to my clients whilst remaining focussed, pragmatic and commercially minded re settlement. My clients and I were all very pleased with him and very happy with the result. Many thanks."

solicitor, professional contract dispute, January 2016

"I can see where Tom's 90% success rate comes from."

client, partnership dispute 2015

"The mediator was very skilful in assisting the parties to overcome an impasse right at the end, getting a settlement when it looked impossible. Everybody parted on good terms, due in no small part to the way in which the mediator set the tone of the day right from the outset. Truly excellent."

Solicitor, compensation dispute October 2015

"This was the first time I have been involved with mediation, but I have to say the experience was very positive....Whilst something I appreciate you do on a regular basis, I thought the mediation was conducted very skilfully and I was very impressed with the way you handled it - and, at times, my client."

Land agent, family property dispute, September 2015

"Mr McLaughlin is calm and clever; two very useful attributes in a mediator."

lawyer, Estate boundary dispute, November 2012

"Tom is a well respected mediator and is very professional when involved in mediations. A highly regarded surveyor with a knowledgeable insight into dispute resolution.  I'd have no hesitation in recommending Tom."

Chartered surveyor, July 2011

"Tom is highly capable with a good eye for detail whilst seeing the big strategic picture."

Chartered surveyor, June 2011

"Mr Hooper was an excellent and effective mediator. He has completely overcome my bias in favour of lawyer mediators."

Solicitor, property contract dispute.

“David was a great help in resolving this dispute which had an imbalance of commerciality between the parties. He effectively and sensibly dealt with these issues, and managed to bring the parties to a settlement. He was then extremely helpful in ironing out issues that arose when drafting the Settlement Order. I would certainly recommend David, and would not hesitate to use him as a Mediator again.”

Solicitor, commercial contract dispute.

“David listened carefully to each party and managed to build a consensus ... After several hours of diligent work,... David managed to secure a settlement. I was extremely impressed with the way David listened to each party (one of whom was unrepresented) and managed to get them to focus on the 'bigger picture'. I would definitely use David as a mediator again, and would have no hesitation in recommending him as a mediator to others”.

Solicitor, contract dispute.

“I was somewhat pessimistic about the chances of agreeing a settlement given their differences, ... but you managed to hold it together! I was very impressed.”

Solicitor, contract dispute.

“You were sympathetic to the personalities involved and handled the whole process with great skill and sensitivity in order to reach a very satisfactory settlement for both parties.”

Solicitor, disputed will.

“It was the first time I have worked with a non-solicitor mediator and I am very impressed. I will certainly recommend you in the future”

Solicitor, boundary dispute.

“Thank you so, so much...[we] are delighted with the result”.

Party, boundary dispute.

“David … quickly builds rapport with the parties and their advisers. David is skilled at assisting parties to find a way forward through a complex case where there are numerous issues involved. He has the ability to help people see the "big picture" whilst at the same time having excellent attention to detail and an outstanding memory of facts and perceptions. I would highly recommend him as a Mediator”

Solicitor, commercial contract dispute.

“David was a great help in resolving this dispute which had an imbalance of commerciality between the parties. He effectively and sensibly dealt with these issues, and managed to bring the parties to a settlement. He was then extremely helpful in ironing out issues that arose when drafting the Settlement Order. I would certainly recommend David, and would not hesitate to use him as a Mediator again.”

Solicitor, property contract dispute.

“David Hooper is an excellent mediator. He had a calm and reassuring professionalism that definitely contributed to a good, productive atmosphere and set exactly the right tone.”

Solicitor observer.

“Both my clients and I found it a pleasure dealing with David Hooper and will definitely recommend him.”

Solicitor, adverse possession dispute.

“David was patient, helpful and in command of the issues.”

Solicitor, boundary dispute.

“Very effective mediator and happy to use Mr Hooper again.”

Solicitor, boundary dispute.

“David was extremely approachable. He had clearly carried out proper and thorough pre-reading and his own investigation into the title and documents to assist the parties and to give the mediation a head start. He was very patient and always willing to listen to my client and explain a difficult position the other side were taking in a way to try to encourage my client to engage. Would thoroughly recommend him.”

Barrister, boundary dispute.

“I was extremely impressed with David.”

Solicitor, commission dispute.

“This was a second mediation in a very difficult case. I have never experienced an opponent quite as difficult and confrontational as our opponent in this case, and I thought that David dealt with her and her counsel very well indeed. I don`t think he could have done more to facilitate a settlement.”

Solicitor, boundary/right of way dispute.

“My client has had experience of mediation before and he was really impressed with David’s calm approach and the way he understood the matters that our client wanted dealt with.well done David.”

Solicitor, restrictive covenant dispute.

“David .., was absolutely the right mediator for this sensitive family Will dispute, where emotions were running high.”

Solicitor for claimant.

“David was excellent in all respects - professional, calm, thoughtful, considered, open and always engaged. During a long 13 hr session, David's determination never flagged and I am very clear we would not have succeeded without him.”

Party, dilapidations dispute.

“A very impressive and assured mediator.”

Barrister, boundary dispute.

“This mediation was highly emotionally charged. David … allowed the parties time and space to deal with the emotion, and recognised which issues were most important to which clients, assisting in the framing of offers accordingly.”

Solicitor, family inheritance dispute.

“Very fair, professional, calm, friendly”

Party, building contract dispute.

“..a difficult matter with high expectations and emotion handled well..”

Solicitor, boundary dispute.

“I was impressed with his grasp of the problems along with his calm manner. Although strictly neutral, I felt that he understood our worries and feelings.”

Party, drainage dispute.

“David was calm, authoritative and reassuring.”

Solicitor, boundary dispute.

“Thank you for your professionalism.  I would use mediation (and, of course, your services) again.”

Land agent, tenancy dispute.

Just a thought …

Good negotiators try to find out what the other side wants.

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